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14 Games in one App covering the main areas of study for Grade 5 Theory.


Interactive and addictive games to help learn various topics.


Topics include:


Major and Minor Key Signatures - recognising and building


Scales (Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor) - adding accidentals


Intervals - recognising and building


Clefs - Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor


Recognising Chords


Adding Cadences


Adding Time Signatures given excerpts


Adding Bar Lines given excerpts


Adding Rests to make bars add up


Symbols and Terms - matching game


A Quiz with questions about orchestral instruments, simple and compound time signatures, technical note names (tonic, sub-dominant, etc.), Italian terms etc.



Some games include ‘eye’ button to display correct answers if you can’t work them out!


Includes in-App Leaderboard to encourage achievement of High Scores.


All based on the book 'Grade 5 Theory - the Easy Way!'


Covers all basic music theory principles.



For further information please contact directly by email admin@bjbmusic.co.uk




This is a brilliant way to develop theory knowledge and prepare for the G5 exam. I used this together with Belinda Byers' Grade 5 theory workbook. The app gives you instant feedback and you can check the correct answer if you get stuck (helping you learn as you go). The leaderboard helps you focus on what areas need the most work and watching your scores improve is very motivational (or even addictive!).