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Belinda J. Byers MA BMus LRAM is a Musician, Teacher, Author and App Builder with a passion for sharing her love of music.

Belinda studied at London University and the Royal Academy of Music, where she won many prizes including the Eugene Cruft Prize, the F.Ayling Prize and the Manlio and Serena di Veroli Award.  She completed her teaching diploma and post-graduate courses in Performance, Aural and Music Analysis in 1987 (her second under-graduate year), and achieved a first in the London University Music Degree in 1988.  She was awarded scholarships by the Royal Academy and the EC to continue her studies in Italy, where she was awarded the Diploma di Merito in 1989.

Her books on Music Theory are designed to make studying how music works fun and interesting from the earliest stages. The Apps continue that process, whilst embracing new ways of learning.