Online Exams

Online Exams have been introduced by ABRSM

We feel that for students to be able to achieve their best results they need to practice in the way they are actually taking the exams.  Consequently, we have developed a series of online exams which are available to purchase from our Online Shop.

We have full exams for grades 1 to 5.  Each exam covers all of the topics on the syllabus in a variety of ways.  These exams are taken online.  When purchasing the exam you will be given a code to use to login.  This code will be valid for three tries at the exam you have purchased.  At the end of the exam - when you click 'Submit' you will immediately be shown your score and then the test with correct answers alongside your answers.  This can then be printed off to show teachers.

Additionally, we have developed materials on particular topics on the Grade 5 Syllabus.

In these online tests questions are drawn from 'pools' of questions - so you can take an individual test a number of times and have a different combination of questions each time (particularly useful for learning terms and signs). They can be used as a 'test' at the end of a particular topic, or if there is an area of study that they need more practice on.

These tests are all titled "Go ...." and currently include

  • Note lengths and time signatures
  • Rests
  • Time signatures
  • Adding barlines
  • Grouping
  • Double or Half Times
  • Compound/Simple
  • Pitches and Clefs
  • Major Keys
  • Keys - Major and Minor
  • Scales - in different ways
  • Intervals
  • Pitch Transposition
  • Cadences
  • Chords Naming
  • Terms/Signs/General Questions

These topic tests are also available from our Online Shop.

We hope that you will enjoy using these new materials.