Lessons take place in my home near Newton Abbot in South Devon.

Instrumental lessons include piano, flute, saxophone, clarinet, violin, viola and cello - from beginner to Diploma.

Music theory lessons from beginner through to Diploma.

GCSE and A Level Tuition.

Lessons take place weekly during term time, and are normally 30 minutes for beginners, rising to 45 and 60 minutes for more advanced students.

For further information, or to organise trial lessons, please contact me.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an accomplished musician, 6 or 60, let me help you reach your musical potential.  I have a passion for music and enjoy enthusing and encouraging others to share in that passion.

We all have different ways of learning.  I believe that it is necesssary to adapt the way you teach for each person - you cannot expect people to change to suit your ways.  Every child and adult is an individual who needs to be taught in a way appropriate to them.

The teaching of music is not just about learning to play an instrument.  It also involves the listening to and appreciation of music, and the understanding of the theory of music.  Therefore, scales, arpeggios, theory and aural training are a regular part of lessons.

Whilst good technique is of paramount importance, the ability to play a variety of music as soon as possible tends to be a more motivating factor for children and adults alike.

Exams can act as an incentive to practice thereby boosting the player's ability; they can also give a sense of achievement.  However, they are not the most important thing - the enjoyment and playing of music is much more vital.