Music Theory Books

£7.50 each (+P&P)

£7.50 each (+P&P)

These music theory books are all available from our online shop.

'Faces in the Spaces',  'Cows Eating Grass' and 'Down an Escalator Backwards' -  books for young beginners fill a gap in the market for fun books for younger learners using English terminology (ie. crotchets, minims etc.)

'Grade 5 Theory - the Easy Way!' is a well-tried and tested book, covering the syllabus for ABRSM in a methodical, clear way.

The later books (Grades 6, 7 and 8) employ a step-by-step approach to harmony and other elements of the exams.  Each book concludes with an extensive section of questions on each of the topics tested in the ABRSM exams.

Whilst the books are geared towards the ABRSM exams they also cover the A Level harmony and technical study papers.

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[These] books fill a real gap in the market.


£12.50 each (+P&P)