I studied music at London University and the Royal Academy of Music, where I won many prizes including the Eugene Cruft Prize, the F.Ayling Prize and the Manlio and Serena di Veroli Award.  I completed my teaching diploma and post-graduate courses in Performance, Aural and Music Analysis in 1987 (my second under-graduate year), and achieved a first in the London University Music Degree in 1988.  I was awarded scholarships by the Royal Academy and the EC to continue my studies in Italy, where I was awarded the Diploma di Merito in 1989.

I began to learn music at an early age, playing the piano from 3 years old, and the violin from 5 (other instruments - including double bass, flute and saxophone - came later!).  I started to arrange music for various instruments and capabilities when I was nine years old, and have taught regularly since the age of fourteen - I was twelve when I tutored my first Grade V Theory pupil.  By the time I was fifteen I was organising frequent concerts involving chamber groups, bands, choirs and orchestras - for which I rehearsed the groups and arranged much of the music.

As a professional double bass player I performed regularly with various London Orchestras, and as a soloist and chamber musician in many major venues around the world. My move to full time teaching was due to an accident which resulted in permanent damage to my right hand.

I later gained an MA from the Education Department at King's College, London.

Through teaching I have developed my own material which is now available in my series of music theory books.

From 1 September 2017 I also have a series of Apps (available on the Apple App Store) which reinforce lessons from the first four books.