Grade 6 theory - a Practical Approach

Specimen answers for some early questions and the final Music Example Questions are available for download here

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An excellent book, very well thought out.


Grade 6 Theory - a Practical Approach follows on from Grade 5 Theory - the Easy Way!

First there is a recap of some of the work covered in Grade 5, expanding methods of transposition and realising ornaments.

The harmony section moves step by step, building gradually from recognising chords and appropriate choice of cadences, to harmonising whole tunes, realising figured basses and writing tunes using strong harmonic structures.  Each step includes worked examples and exercises.

A Musical Knowledge section follows, including a brief overview of Western Music, time-lines, hints for recognising different eras visually and aurally, Orchestral instruments (ranges, transpositions etc.), and tables of the most commonly used musical terms in Italian, French and German.

The final section has extensive practice questions for each of the harmony questions, concluding with 20 Musical Examples with multiple questions on each.